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Our Branding name and symbol conception

'Axion Esti is a deeply significant phrase, used in the Greek language to portray the unique, priceless quality inherent in all things. It denotes how “worthy” something is, in perspective of its approximation to humanity upon this planet Earth, as much as it lies within the vastness of our universe.

We began to consider and take notice of that which is “worthy” to humanity and to our planet as is poetically outlined in the following excerpt from  " The 'Axion Esti "  by Odysseus Elytis, translated by Edmund Keeley and George Savidis ,©1974, Reprinted by permission of the University of Pittsburgh Press ,UK edition published by Anvil Press Poetry in 1980; new edition in 2007.

“ Each word a swallow
 to bring you spring in the midst of summer,” he said
 And ample the olive trees
            to sift the light through their fingers
            that it may spread gently over your sleep
 and ample the cicadas
            which you will feel no more
            than you feel the pulse inside your wrist
but scarce the water
            so that you hold it a God and understand the meaning
            of its voice

 and the tree alone
            no flock beneath it
            so that you take it for a friend
            and know its precious name
sparse the earth beneath your feet
            so that you have no room to spread your roots
            and keep reaching down in depth
and broad the sky above
            so that you read the infinite on your own ..
                                        " THIS WORLD
this small world the great! ”

So that you read the infinite on your own




To symbolize our brand, we drew a logo that resembles a star generated from the lines of the infinity symbol. The form of the letters ‘a’ and ‘e’ of our logo Axion Esti combine to give the design an integral continuity in the form of an infinity star to symbolize the infinite ‘worthiness’ of the universe of which we are all a part.

Within this infinite spectrum of the universe, we focus our attention on our homeland, Greece, its people, ancestors, ancient history, culture and language. The worthiness and true value of a uniquely fertile and fruitful land, our land, our Greece, is plentiful and blessed, where fruits of nature thrive in true abundance.  Globally recognized as a symbol of civilization dating back through the centuries from antiquity to the present day, the olive branch in particular (but also the olive, olive oil, grapes and wine), denotes health, freedom, peace and pureness.

It is with reference to the beneficial qualities that we present to you the products of a sun kissed earth.  An earth whose thirst is quenched in seasonal rhythmic cycles, we nourish and nurture each other to health, Nature and Human as One.

So, we offer to you,  awareness of the infinite expression of Nature’s worth, in the name of Axion Esti.

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© Copy right reserved by Axion Esti